The National Parks and wilderness areas of South Eastern Australia offer fantastic opportunities for experiencing some of Australia’s unique wildlife.  With our associates, Echidna Walkabout, we offer tailored private tours to some of the fantastic National Parks and wilderness areas of the State of Victoria, and other parts of the wild South East.

One of our absolute favourites are wildlife trips to the Croajingalong National Park, a UNESCO listed World Biosphere Reserve.  This incredibly diverse and ecologically rich expanse of Australian bush has everything from pristine beaches and coastal heaths to warm temperate rainforests, lakes and estuaries. The area is home to over 300 species of birds, a staggering third of all Australia’s count, and more than 1,000 plant species.  Time is spent exploring the area by vehicle, on foot, by boat and spotlighting at night for nocturnal species. There are great opportunities to observe Koalas, Kangaroos and Wallabies, and even seldom seen species like Wombats and Gliders.

Other awesome areas visited are Snowy River Country on the Wildlife Conservation Journey and the Great Ocean Road, with spectacular ocean vistas and rock formations, pristine beaches and large expanses of Eucalyptus forest.  As much time as possible is spent bushwalking and observing wildlife.

The Wild Top End is a new addition to Echidna’s many wildlife tours and takes in spectacular Kakadu and Mary River National Parks.