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There is a vast range of safari styles and types of accommodation on offer. How you travel and where you stay depends on your personal preference and interests, the seasons, and of course your budget. Styles range from fly-in lodge safaris and comfortable mobile tented safaris to adventure camping expeditions.

Fly-in safaris provide the luxury of being able to fly by light aircraft to within a short distance of your lodge, thereby avoiding long transfers between the highlights of your journey. Some lodges are only accessible by light aircraft and this way of travelling gives you a lot of flexibility in being able to combine a great range of wilderness areas on your safari, and maximise your time experiencing the wildlife and outdoors. Flying also gives you a fantastic birds eye view of the areas you visit.

The permanent camps utilised are located in beautiful and wildlife rich areas and vary from rustic canvas camps to exceptionally luxury lodges. Many of these luxury lodges provide a full range of facilities, including spa and gym, internet access, connoisseur wines and cuisine to rival the top boutique hotels in the world.

Where distances between destinations are smaller it may be an option to travel by private 4×4 vehicle, or to combine this with light aircraft in places. Mobile tented safaris are available in some of the safari destinations, like Tanzania and Botswana, and are like the traditional safaris of the colonial era. These camps are fairly basic but certain essential comforts like en-suite bathrooms with hot water and great cuisine are still provided. They allow one to access more remote and wild areas and to move to areas with seasonally higher concentrations of animals, as with the Migration in the Serengeti.

Adventure camping expeditions are a far more rustic experience and involve travelling with a fully equipped vehicle and setting up camp as you move through wildlife areas. These trips involve participation by the guests and are a fantastic way to get in touch with nature. All travel is done by special custom built 4×4 vehicles often along quite challenging roads and are only suited to adventurous travellers. Accommodation is in basic dome tents, with shared facilities, and meals served around the campfire.